HygieneFLEX station

Workplace for WAPS HygieneFlex station

Art.-no. 1967701065

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HygieneFLEX station

Art.-no. 1967701065

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Manufactured from the Würth aluminium profile system WAPS®
  • Flexible and can be equipped according to a modular system

  • Perforated metal plate enclosed in aluminium profile series B 120 x 40 L

  • 2 levels CLIP-O-FLEX® (top and bottom of cross section)

  • Ballast plate, steel, powder-coated (rear)

  • With adjustable feet for floor anchoring

  • Free-standing

  • Art. no. 1967701065, equipment details: Dimensions (L x W x H): approx. 1310 x 2000 x 650 mm

  • Art. no. 1967701067, equipment details: 4x individual wall elements, 1st Fire protection (red), 2nd Occupational safety (blue), 3rd First aid (green), 4th Hygiene (yellow), dimensions: 4 x 1310 mm = 5240 mm x depth of approx. 650 mm x height of 2000 mm, either free-standing or connected together by 4 elements: coloured coding via cover strips for profile grooves, ballast plates (rear) for stability

Stay just as flexible in the future. If the station is no longer required for providing hygiene items, just a few simple steps will convert it for other uses.

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The HygieneFLEX protective screen minimises the transmission of pathogens when people are directly next to or opposite each other. This means employees in assembly, logistics, the office or even in the reception area can work in a safer environment while maintaining the required safety distance. Manufactured from the sturdy Würth aluminium profile system (WAPS®), the protective screens blend into almost any environment thanks to their timeless design and provide a tidy, professional appearance.

The protective screens can be set up quickly and positioned flexibly. They can be arranged side-by-side without gaps thanks to their straight, closed sides. They can be fastened below one another, or to tables;

however, this is not necessary.

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Hazardous Material

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